And so it begins

Me: “But are you sure?”

CB: “Yes, but we can do another test if you want”

Me:”I think we should, just to be sure”

CB: “Fine, it will just say the same thing though”

And that was how I found out I was going to be a dad. Up until this point it wasn’t something I had really thought all that much about.

Me: “But it was a very faint line”

CB: “But it’s still a line”

Apparently a line is a line, regardless of how faint.

This makes it sound like it wasn’t greeted as happy news, it was, it’s amazing news and until you experience it you have no idea just how amazing it will feel but I need to say this on behalf of my gender, we can be useless with this sort of news.

Me: “But when do you think it happened?”

CB: “Well you’ve been there every time so take your pick”

Me: “Oh god”

CB: “We won’t know which time it was and it doesn’t really matter, all that matters is that we are having a baby”

That was the first time it had been said out loud, we were having a baby, I was having a baby.

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