The solid five

C: “Don’t you dare say that to her”
Me: “What’s wrong with a solid 5”
C: “What’s it out of?”
Me: “10”
C: “You can’t tell a 6 year old she has made something that you think is only worth 5 out of 10”
Me: “I said a solid 5”
C: “That’s still only a 5”
Me: “Would you prefer me to say a weak 6”
C: “I’d prefer you not to say anything”
Me: “But she only had a few hours to make it, under those circumstances a solid 5 is a good result”
C: “And she will understand that will she?”
Me: “Fine, I will go to a 7”
C: “Just say you think it’s really good”
Me: “It would need to be a high 8 for really good, I mean there isn’t even a door, how do they get the people on and off the bus?”
C: “She said it needed a door but we didn’t have time so they will be using the back window”
Me: “And it’s back to a solid 5”
C: “What?”
Me: “Don’t blame me, you’ve just admitted to cutting corners”
C: “it’s a cardboard box painted red with some milk bottle lids as wheels and a load of stickers stuck on it, we weren’t going for photo realism”
Me: “there’s the spirit”
C: “And what does that mean?”
Me: “I just hope OFSTED isn’t in”

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