Doing laundry can be fun

Me: Right, I’d better stick some washing on
CB: Do you want me to sort it in to piles?
Me: You stay in bed, you’re pregnant, I’ve got this
CB: You do know it’s not like your washing, it isn’t just lights or darks with mine and Olivia’s clothes
Me: Of course I know that, but just to be safe I will shout through the items I’m unsure on
CB: Ok but make sure you do
Me: I will

Me: While blouse with black spots
CB: Lights
Me: Black bra with white spots
CB: Darks
Me: I can see how this gets confusing
CB: Told you
Me: Light pink knickers with dark brown skid mark
CB: What?
Me: Is there a percentage coverage before it classes as a dark?
CB: What knickers are they? Stop sorting it now!
Me: Don’t panic they’re not yours
CB: I know they’re not mine
Me: And for the avoidance of doubt they’re not mine either
CB: Stop sorting it now
CB: Why have you gone quiet?
CB: You better not be putting this on the Internet

And I’m back to sleeping with one eye open.

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