Call the Midwife (and associated support staff)

In a break from my normal posts this one is simply a search for better words than ‘thank you’. Over the past four days we have been looked after by the staff of the Doncaster Royal Infirmary’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital, in particular floors 3 and 6, during the birth of our son George.

As any parent can attest to, the birth of your child is, to say the least, emotional, but the people that work within these walls, regardless of the job they do, deal every day with people who are having hopefully the best, but sometimes the worst, day of their lives. They deal with people stressed out because they have no idea what they are doing but are trying to do it on less than an hours sleep, they are expected to translate baby noises so that we know which end we need to focus our attention on and they witness scenes that make even this ex-brummie wince.

So this is to everyone who played their part, whether that part was handing us a baby or a cup of tea, your actions over these past few days have made a difference and your devotion to the jobs you do is inspiring. I sometimes complain that I have had a tough day at the office but mine could never compete with yours and yet you still manage to greet everyone with kindness.

I would have loved to have thanked everyone individually, however the nature of your work means that you may have spent 12 hours as part of our incredible journey but not been with us when we reached our destination, sadly I have always been better with faces than names so should you ever find yourselves being charged at by a man with a pram, a tear in his eye and an uncontrollable urge to hug you then know you haven’t been forgotten.

This may only ever be read by those who know me or the occasional person who stumbles across my blog but I wanted to tell the world of all the good you do, you all deserve awards, and it would be great if the the Queens Honours list could include a few less ‘For services to Pop music’ and a few more ‘For services to people’. So thank you DRI maternity people, on behalf of Charlie, George and I, you have been amazing.

It would be great if people share this and add their experiences and gratitude to the unsung heroes who work in this world, we owe you.

its a boy

3 thoughts on “Call the Midwife (and associated support staff)

  1. How lovely and how rare to receive such appreciation. Absolutely deserved, having worked alongside these wonderful caring staff, I understand the pressures they are under, only too well, and yet, as you say, they continue to give, day after day, night after night and your thanks is what makes it worthwhile! Congratulations on your new arrival. Wishing you continued joy together!

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