You want me to Google what?

CB(From other room): “Are you near your iPad”

Me: “Yep”

CB: “Can you Google something for me?”

Me: “Yep, go for it”

CB: “Can you Google ‘hot milf’ for me”

Me: “Erm, OK, but before I do can I just confirm that this isn’t a trap”

CB: “It’s a sportswear company that sells stuff especially for new mums”

Me: “Ah, kind of makes sense I guess”

CB: “Found it yet”

Me: “Nope, page six and I haven’t seen anything to do with sportswear”

CB: “Try adding ‘sports bra’ into the search”

Me: “Hmm, well it’s made the results, shall we say, a little more ‘niche’ but none of these sites look like they sell sportswear.”

CB: “Hold on I’ll come and take a look”

CB (Now in the same room and taking control of the iPad) : “MILK, hot MILK, Jesus Christ sometimes I wonder, why would you think a company would call itself Hot MILF??”

Me: “Well I did wonder, that was why I asked, I just presumed they were trying to say that if women wear their sportswear that it will make them feel like hot milf’s”

CB: “Seriously? That’s how you think we think?? Unbelievable, and has that link been clicked on?”

Me: “That was an accident”

CB: “Oh was it now”

So to any moms reading this, after finally finding Hot MILK (, then it is well worth a visit, some really good stuff, and if you’re quick there is a 10% offer currently running, and to any dads reading then, well page six …


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